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Find what’s on line advertising, advantages over offline advertising and marketing, SEM and its subset like seo , smo, percent and so on and Web 2.0.

  • Online Marketing
    • *…”>2.Topic Covers
      • Online Marketing
      • *Advantages/ disadvantages over
      • off- line marketing
      • Different Ways/ Methods of OnlineMarketing
      • Search Engine Marketing
      • Web 2.zero

      three.Online Marketing

    • What is on line advertising and marketing?
    • four.Online Marketing

      • What is on line marketing?
      • Marketing of products or services over the net
      • Benefits of online advertising and marketing
      • Lower expenses for the distribution of facts and media to international target market, providing immediate reaction and eliciting responses

      5.Online Marketing

    • Online busines…”>6.Online Marketing & Offline Marketing
      • Online businessis that humans log on to search for a product or service that you can offer.
      • Offline businesseshave to rely greater on push advertising than the pull impact.

      7.Online Marketing & Offline Marketing

    • …”>8.Online Marketing Advantages Over Offline advertising
      • Long, complex process of creating a sale vs. immediate conversion:few clicks of a mouse and the product is sold, whereas o ffline is time and manpower heavy, from producing ends in creating a sale.
      • 2. Fixed workplace hours vs. 24 hour save :An on line business can promote its products 24 hours a day at the same time as an offline commercial enterprise will open and close at specific hours.
      • 3. Advertising in print, TV and radio is expensive :While you can easily provide content material, audio and videos on the Internet for a very low price.
    • …”>nine.Online Marketing Advantages Over Offline advertising and marketing
      • four. Unlimited time and space VS. Pay for time spots :Ads in offline advertising mediums are for a limited time and you pay for time slots and space. In an internet advertising, you’ll preserve your commercials up for an extended time and pay a good deal much less.
      • five. Cost in line with incremental purchaser :This cost could be very low for web advertising primarily based worries, whereas this value is considerable in case of offline advertising efforts.
    • …”>10.Online Marketing Advantages Over Offline advertising
      • 6. Targeted method vs. blanket method :The above reason leads offline advertising businesses to goal and choose cautiously, putting off a lot of capability clients, who can also purchase in the destiny if no longer the present. However, low incremental costs bring about online corporations overlaying a extensive spectrum of the marketplace.
      • 7. Segmentation :Segmentation is less difficult. The internet advertising effort has the facts it needs to customise its pitch right away.
    • …”>11.Online Marketing Advantages Over Offline marketing
      • eight. Customer touch :Access to consumer statistics is computerized within the case of on line agencies which simplified and made green. Databases and mailing lists are created in an on the spot. On the opposite, offline advertising efforts for the same require time, personnel and money.
      • nine.Measuring facts effortlessly and inexpensively :
      • Internet advertising campaign can be traced, measured, and tested. Therefore, marketers can determine which messages or offerings are extra attractive to the audience.


    • Onlin…”>12.Online Disadvantages over Off-line Marketing
      • Online advertising isn’t always loose . Thecostofsoftware, hardware, wedsitedesign ,maintenanceof your web page, onlinedistributioncosts and of route, time, all need to be factored into the fee of imparting yourservice or product.
      • Slightly over 50% of households keep on-line . While that quantity will keep growing, you’re achieving less thanout of 3 households.
    • 3. Many pe…”>13.Disadvantages over off-line marketing:
      • 3. Many human beings select thelive interactionwhen they buy.
      • four. Easier to haveoutdated informationon your website, thus timing of updates is essential .
      • five. The majority of internet marketerslack purchaser serviceandinquiry reaction applications .
    • 6. Interne…”>14.Disadvantages over off-line marketing:
      • 6. Internet Marketing does now not construct trust instantly.
      • 7. Internet advertising and marketing is a difficult competition.
      • eight. There are no bodily evidences.
      • 9. Online advertising can go away businessman feeling remoted.
      • 10. Hard to tell if human beings are lying due to the fact you can not see their face.
    • 11. Is your web site stable?Does your consumer know t…”>15.
      • eleven. Is your web site stable?Does your purchaser recognize this? worry of having their credit card data stolen is a clear and gift threat inside the minds of your visitors.
      • 12. Many web sites had been created with a advertising view, now not a customer service point of view.
      • thirteen. There is lots of opposition to your product already accessible.

      Disadvantages over off-line advertising:

    • So, bydoing the commercial enterprise Online , one cangrow…”>sixteen.
      • So, bydoing the commercial enterprise Online , one cangrowhis / herbusinessand can make itWORLD WIDE WEBand can make his/hercompetitor to free the businessas Online marketing is one of the easiest and much extra effective than Offline advertising.

      Conclusionfor online advertising and marketing  

    • 1.Article Marketing:to construct hyperlinks on your si…”>17.
      • 1.Article Marketing:to construct hyperlinks in your web page, enhance your internet site’s seek engine rating and getting site visitors.
      • 2. Forum Marketing:Forum is an area wherein humans collect and discuss their problems, strategies and so on.Again an amazing visitors builder.
      • 3.Search Engine Marketing:This involves seo of your web site design and content material.

      Different Ways / Methods of Online Marketing   

    • 4.Pay Per Click Advertising:This is a paid serv…”>18.
      • four.Pay Per Click Advertising:This is a paid provider in which you pay the provider issuer every time your link is clicked.
      • five.Link Exchange:In this a website locations a hyperlink for other internet site in trade for its link on that web page.
      • 6.Link Purchase:You should purchase placement of your internet site link on different internet site.

      Different Ways / Methods of Online Marketing   

    • 7. Classified Advertising:You can market it your …”>19.
      • 7. Classified Advertising:You can market it your website on Classifieds websites at the internet like Craigslist.com and USfreeads.com.
      • 8. Ezine Marketing:This refers to e-mail marketing.
      • 9. Lead Purchase:There are some paid services with the intention to offer you with the names and electronic mail addresses of the human beings or leads in opposition to a price. This approach is called lead technology.

      Different Ways / Methods of Online Marketing   

    • 10.Viral Marketing:Here, you are making a beneficial prod…”>20.
      • 10.Viral Marketing:Here, you’re making a beneficial product like ebook or software program, build a few humorous video or funny electronic mail and allow people to pass it on freely.
      • 11.Press Releases:Here, you build a press release to your website and put up it to one or greater press launch sites like prweb.com
      • 12.Joint Ventures:Hereor greater entrepreneurs come together and promote a product or service in a way that it’ll advantage all of them.

      Different Ways / Methods of Online Marketing   

    • thirteen. Affiliate Program:You can launch your personal aff…”>21.
      • 13. Affiliate Program:You can launch your personal affiliate application where human beings can join.
      • 14.Resell Rights Marketing:You can provide resell rights on your product where human beings might be able to promote it and keep all of the cash.
      • 15.RSS Marketing:Really easy Syndication, . People can enroll in those RSS feeds and can view the content of the website thru their RSS reader.

      Different Ways / Methods of Online Marketing   

    • 16. Blog Marketing:Blog is an online magazine whic…”>22.
      • sixteen. Blog Marketing:Blog is an online magazine which you can update on regular basis.
      • 17.Social Bookmarking:This is today’s advertising and marketing buzz.
      • 18.Video Marketing:This is even newer. You can add a video on the websites that allow. People would watch and then visit your site.
      • 19.Social Sites:Examples consist of:MySpace .com , Orkut , FaceBook , etc. These may be exquisite approaches to make greater contacts and get leads.
      • 20.Podcasting :Podcasting makes use of digital media files which are distributed everywhere in the Internet via syndication feeds.

      Different Ways / Methods of Online Marketing   

    • SEM is a form ofInternet marketingthat seeks to…”>23.
      • SEM is a form ofInternet marketingthat seeks to promotewebsitesby increasing their visibility insearch engineresult pages (SERPs) throughtheuse ofOrganic Optimization, Pay-in step with-Click, Branding and Media Presentation .

      Search Engine Marketing (SEM):   What is SEM ?  24.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Subset:    SEM PPC search engine marketing SEM SMO25.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):    26.Search Engine Optimisation (search engine marketing):    

    • Steps Use in SEO:
    • 1.Website Ana…”>27.
      • Steps Use in search engine optimization:
      • 1.Website Analysis
      • 2.Keyword Analysis and research
      • three.Onpage Optimisation
      • Meta Tagging
      • Content Optimisation
      • Code Optimisation
      • Image Optimisation
      • Broken Link Checking and modification
      • Sitemap Creation and submission

      Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):    

    • four.Verify webs…”>28.Search Engine Optimisation (search engine marketing):
      • 4.Verify internet site the usage of google webmaster device and yahoo web page explorer
      • 5.Offpage Optimisation
      • Link Building
        • Directory submission
        • Link Exchange
        • Article Submission
        • Blog Submission
        • Forum Posting
      • Classified Ad Posting
      • Business Listing in Local Directories
      • Google Local Business Listing
      • Submit Press Releases

         29.PAY Per Click (PPC): What Is PPC ? PPCis anInternet advertisingmodel used onsearch engines ,advertising and marketing networks , and content websites, such asblogs ,search enginesin which advertisers pay their host only while their advert is clicked.PPC vendors:Google Adword, Yahoo SearchMarketing,Microsoft AdCenterThere aretwo primary modelsfor figuring out value according to click:1.Flat-charge PPC:In the flat-fee version, the advertiser and publisher agree upon a fixed amount as a way to be paid for each click on. 30.Example PAY Per Click (PPC): 2.Bid-based PPC :   In the bid-based version, the advertiser signs a settlement that lets in them to compete towards different advertisers in a personal public sale hosted through a writer or, extra usually, an advertising and marketing network.31.PAY Per Click (PPC): Steps Use in PPC:Pay Per Click Management in Google PPC Campaign AnalysisAd CopywritingKeyword ListsLanding Page Design AdWords Account SetupAdWords ManagementAdWords ExpansionAdWords Conversion Tracking Pay Per Click Management in Yahoo Yahoo Account SetupYahoo Account ManagementYahoo Conversion TrackingCopying AdWords To YSM32.Example PAY Per Click (PPC):33.Social Media Optimization(SMO): SMOis a hard and fast of strategies for generatingpublicitythroughsocial media , online communities and network web sites.Methods of SMO: addingRSS feeds ,social newsbuttons,blogging , and incorporating third-celebration community functionalities likeimagesandvideos. Social media optimization is in many approaches linked as a way toviral marketingwhere phrase of mouth is created now not via buddies or circle of relatives however through using networking insocial bookmarking ,videoandphoto sharingwebsites.

    • Five rules for …”>34.Social Media Optimization(SMO):
      • Five regulations for engaging in social media optimization are:
          • Increase your linkability
          • Make tagging and bookmarking smooth
          • Reward inbound links
          • Help your content travel
          • Encourage themashup
          • 6. Get communities related

      35.Social Media Optimization(SMO)Example:

        • Life Cy…”>36.Social Media Optimization(SMO):
              • Life Cycle ofSocial Media Optimization

          37.WEB 2.zero: What Is Web 2.zero? Web2.0refers to the brand new generation of internet based totally offerings and communities characterised by means of participation, collaboration and sharing of records amongst customers online.Examples : social-networking web sites video-sharing sites wikis blogs mashups38.WEB 2.zero: Importance of Web 2.zero Web2.0 applicationsencourageuser-generated content material(USG) andsocial interactiononline . Web 2.0 is thebusinessrevolutionin thecomputer industry.

          • Does you organization have a internet site? Do …”>39.WEB 2.zero:
              • Does you organization have a website? Do customers / employees / suppliers visit your website?
              • Does your enterprise engage in any form of (small or massive) marketplace research?
              • Does your organisation have interaction with customers frequently? (Once a day, week, month on smartphone, electronic mail, chat?)
              • Does your company have worker that are broadly dispersed? (i.e. you’ve got more than one branches throughout the u . s . a . coordinating with each different?)

            forty.WEB 2.zero: How is Web 2.zero changing corporations?Software as a Service    ->Enterprise SoftwareSocial Network    ->  Club/CommunityWiki  ->Team Coordination/ Communication Blog   ->  WebsiteRSS  ->  Email   Future  ->  Currentforty one.WEB 2.0: Internationally the Web 2.zero techniques that businesses are experimenting with are RSS feeds, podcasts, wikis, blogs and social networks as those Web 2.0 gear can be extremely effective in engaging your customers/ companions / suppliers/ personnel.Individually, additionally they provide utility that could assist grow the relationship you’re making along with your customers.42.Grow Your Business : ThankYOU

            Find what’s on-line advertising, benefits over offline marketing, SEM and its subset like search engine optimization , smo, percent and many others and Web 2.zero.

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