Instance Marketing Strategy

A. & B. Nursery

February 2005

John A. Smith724 Nursery Rd.Anytown, PA 10000555-555-5555

Executive Summary

A. & B. Nursery can be a small part-time ornamental nursery producing 4 species of quality decorative trees. The nursery’s target market might be panorama contractors and garden centers. By generating timber for the wholesale marketplace, the owner can be capable of operate the commercial enterprise on a part-time foundation, permitting him to stay at his cutting-edge employment.

Currently, landscapers require high-quality ornamental timber to apply for their businesses. The nursery will provide those timber. The nursery is positioned in an area of excessive populace increase inside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The nursery plans to offer offerings to location businesses that nurseries outdoor the area of Adams and Cumberland Counties cannot offer. Since the nursery may be geographically positioned in the northern part of Adams County near the border with Cumberland County, the nursery has the advantage of being able to have trees to any part of the 2 counties withinbusiness days of an order.

A. & B. Nursery plans to provide best 4 species of trees to permit the owner to pay attention on producing excellent trees. The proprietor has now not formerly produced decorative timber, however; the proprietor was previously engaged in the commercial fruit enterprise. The land used for the nursery changed into previously part of his fruit developing operation. Because of off-farm employment and depressed apple charges the owner best desires to perform the nursery as a part-time operation.

Since the nursery can be small, the owner does not assume the need to lease any extra exertions. This will eliminate any worker taxes and blessings, as well as, any workmen’s compensation insurance. This will reduce or get rid of charges and overhead prices related to employees.

In reviewing the business plan concerning the economic statements, the achievement of a commercial enterprise like A. & B. Nursery depends on supplying trees of consistent fine and offering first rate service. The achievement will even depend on developing near relationships with clients to decide destiny wishes with reference to length, species, and production method. There are several small nurseries within a fifty-mile radius of the nursery’s region, however; those nurseries do not deliver the wishes of all clients in the region. The owner believes there’s a marketplace for the timber he will produce. By catering to smaller businesses, the proprietor believes that he can marketplace all the bushes he’s going to produce.

A. & B. Nursery will face several demanding situations. These encompass: (1) the owner has no enjoy generating ornamental timber, (2) wholesale sales will no longer internet as plenty earnings as retail sales, (3) The owner will want to purchase a few gadget, (4) weather conditions, which includes drought, can affect the production of bushes, (5) the nursery might be positioned in a place, currently beneath quarantine for Prunus tree species, (6) according to a survey performed by way of the proprietor, businesses surveyed favored to acquire timber balled-and-burlapped.

Penn State Extension presently employs the owner who will have the assets of the University easily available. The owner also has a near pal who was formerly involved inside the nursery and panorama business. The proprietor can discuss with this friend for advice concerning the business. To triumph over the other demanding situations, A. & B. Nursery will need to borrow begin-up capital for an irrigation system and wanted system. The nursery may additionally attempt to set up a retail market for a part of the bushes produced. Expanding the preliminary size of the operation will spread the investment in the irrigation system and device over a bigger range of timber, decreasing the overhead in step with tree sold. Because of the quarantine, the nursery will now not be capable of produce Prunus species of trees, which the research indicates is one of the top 4 species of timber offered with the aid of landscapers and lawn centers in the vicinity. To overcome the mission of customers preferring balled-and-burlapped trees, the proprietor will both want to buy a tree spade or contract with a organisation to harvest the timber or train the customers approximately the fee of the pot-in-pot machine.

The owner has doubts approximately borrowing cash to begin the commercial enterprise presently. However, this marketing strategy suggests that if the owner installs an irrigation system the go back on the investment will take approximately 4 years. If the enterprise does now not deploy an irrigation gadget, the marketing strategy suggests the return on funding could be in 5 years, if the nursery can begin advertising trees at 4 years after business start-up. The spoil-even evaluation executed on a 5-yr foundation, supports this theory. The writer makes use of a 6% hobby charge for the coins-go with the flow analysis of the commercial enterprise. The enterprise must nonetheless be viable with slight interest quotes.

After finishing this marketing strategy, the proprietor determines that the commercial enterprise can be feasible. The owner will adopt this business opportunity in some form.

Mission, Goals, and ObjectivesGeneral Description of the Business

A. & B. Nursery is a small nursery, so that you can concentrate on producing deciduous decorative timber. The commercial enterprise can be a sole proprietorship shaped to offer extra earnings to the proprietor. The nursery will concentrate on four species of timber which include; Red Maple, Flowering Dogwoods, Japanese Maple, and Callery Pear bushes.

This specialization will permit the proprietor to concentrate on generating pleasant trees to local landscape contractors and garden facilities.

The enterprise plans to supply trees in both the pot-in-pot and balled-and-burlapped method. Originally, by way of presenting both techniques of advertising and marketing, the commercial enterprise will offer customers the choice of buying timber as they are accustomed and point them closer to the newer method of pot-in-pot. Potential customers at the moment are shopping extra bushes produced via the balled-and-burlapped method. The pot-in-pot method is a more recent, more efficient approach of producing bushes. The proprietor plans to provide a small percent of the inventory of bushes balled-and burlapped the first advertising 12 months then handiest provide trees produced with the aid of the pot-in-pot approach.

The nursery plans to promote all timber on the wholesale market to help alleviate the need for income personnel and the requirement of having to be at the commercial enterprise at some stage in the weekends and evenings. The nursery plans to marketplace bushes within a -county vicinity in south relevant Pennsylvania. The commercial enterprise will offer clients the option of buying timber on the farm of the commercial enterprise will provide transport for a price within the nearby place.

Mission Statement

The challenge of A. & B. Nursery is to provide and marketplace best deciduous ornamental timber at a competitive charge for distribution in the local location.

Goals and Objectives

As a business inside the development tiers, A. & B. Nursery has several desires relating to excellent, boom of the enterprise, and survival of the commercial enterprise. These goals and objectives are as follows:

Goal 1: To produce exceptional trees for marketplace inside four years.

To plant two hundred bushes each yr over the life of the enterprise.To produce trees which meet the customer’s specs.To have a survival rate above 90 percentage for the years the trees are within the nursery.

Goal 2: To produce trees the use of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system.

By the use of the IPM machine, the enterprise will use fewer pesticides to reduce pollution.The IPM system will help reduce the price of production for the nursery.The IPM gadget will produce more healthy timber to help ensure lengthy-term survival of timber.

Goal three: To make certain repeat clients at some point of the existence of the business.

By continuously surveying customer wishes and enterprise developments, the enterprise will adapt to these wishes and developments.By presenting a one-season guarantee, clients will develop agree with in the commercial enterprise.By developing the purchaser’s consider, the commercial enterprise will assist make certain repeat business.

Goal 4: To make bigger the business after five years.

To set up patron loyalty and broaden new customers after breaking into the market.To expand the number of species produced to stay modern-day with changing markets.To amplify the use of to be had land and use this land to its first-rate good value use.

Goal 5: To produce timber at a earnings for the business.

To produce quality timber at the bottom feasible fee.To produce species of timber with the intention to command the highest feasible fee.To produce species of trees which might be what the patron dreams.

Goal 6: To supplement the retirement of the owner.

To maintain to expand the consumer base to make certain the longevity of the business.To keep to extend the business over the next fifteen years.To preserve to plant bushes for sale for the subsequent two decades.Background InformationBackground Industry Information

Debra Holder, government vp of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA), says,

“The overall health of the green enterprise is extremely robust. With gardening popularity growing and the power of the economic system, which includes the boom of housing starts offevolved and commercial improvement, the industry as an entire is doing incredible with a persevered forecast of growth for the destiny” (State of the Industry, July, 2001. p.27)

She also states that education of the consumer as to the cost of horticulture within the surroundings is critical to the ongoing boom of the industry. The cost of outside landscaping on the resale cost of houses is an important element. This thing, together with the environmental advantages of the air-cleansing first-class of trees, wishes to be harassed to the patron (p.27).

Robert J. Dolibois, govt vp of the American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA), has the same opinion that the overall health of the enterprise is pretty strong. He states, “Government and enterprise facts inform us that garden and garden sales doubled between 1989 and 1999” (p. 27). The boom in sales of garden care and tree offerings isn’t pretty as dramatic, but the trend continues to be nice. He also concludes, “Our industry is in a period of remarkable market ability” (p.27). He is worried that the industry is transferring from a better margin/decrease quantity structure to a decrease margin/ higher volume structure.

Both of these specialists agree that the enterprise is in a length of sturdy growth. With the industry in a duration of increase, it is a good time to enter the industry. If the enterprise had been in a downturn, it’d no longer be as high quality to recall getting into this enterprise. Dolibois says that, “the inexperienced enterprise reliably rewards patience blended with innovation, integrity, and ingenuity” (The State of the Industry. July, 2001, p. 28). With this in mind, the researcher believes that the marketplace capability is available to enter this industry.

According to the US Census Bureau (March, 2002), from 1990 to 2000 the populace of Adams County rose sixteen.6% with 639 housing gadgets authorized by way of building lets in in 2000. In 1990, there had been 20,578 owner-occupied housing devices in Adams County. In 2000, there had been 35,831 proprietor-occupied housing units in Adams County. In Cumberland County, the population trade became nine.four% from 1990 to 2000. There had been 86,951 owner-occupied housing units in Cumberland County in 2000. This compares with seventy seven,108 proprietor-occupied housing units in 1990.

These figures suggest that the housing enterprise in the -county marketing area taken into consideration by means of the researcher is growing. With the increase inside the housing industry comes boom within the landscaping enterprise. New houses, unless they may be built in wooded regions, will want a few sort of landscaping to beautify the outdoors aesthetics of the brand new housing. As said formerly, landscaping additionally will increase the resale price of maximum homes. If this fee of growth continues at some stage in the next ten years, present landscaping organizations will need to enlarge their corporations. With this enlargement comes an elevated call for for the products they sell or use in their business.

Organizational MattersBusiness Structure

A. & B. Nursery can be a sole proprietorship at this level of the planning. It requires only the fees of doing enterprise, including workplace gadget, telephone lines, net connections, and marketing substances. These objects are currently available to the commercial enterprise through the modern-day business in which the owner is engaged. The owner will pursue the prices related to becoming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to determine if this shape is an alternative for the enterprise.

Management, Personnel, and Outside Services

As the owner of the commercial enterprise, I constitute the “management team.” I have an Associate Degree in Agricultural Business from Penn State University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Eastern University. I was previously a self-hired as a fruit grower for sixteen years and am presently hired by way of Penn State University. As a commercial enterprise character I posses a sturdy work ethic, superb organizational talents, and properly written and oral communication skills to be able to useful resource in the improvement of the business. The fulfillment of the business will depend on those factors.

Since the commercial enterprise is small and component-time, the commercial enterprise will not require extra labor past the primary marketing year. The additional exertions can be required to harvest the proportion of bushes planted inside the balled-and burlapped method.

Outside offerings will be needed to perform the enterprise. A representative or employer representative might be needed to make pesticide hints. These offerings are effortlessly to be had to the commercial enterprise. Extension employees may also be required to make tips on numerous techniques concerning production. Both of these outside services are presently used within the proprietor’s current enterprise.

Risk Management Strategies

The business will use the diversification of species as its major risk control tool. If irrigation is mounted, this may be used as a danger control method. Irrigation will assist reduce the effects of drought, which has plagued the vicinity in three of the final 5 years. The proprietor has tested the opportunity of crop insurance for the trees. Nursery vegetation are blanketed by means of crop coverage but slow or reduced growth of timber due to drought isn’t protected. The proprietor should take part in the crop insurance application under the Catastrophic Loss Program commonly referred to as CAT. This program is unfastened in Pennsylvania because of the Department of Agriculture paying the premium. This kind of coverage will cowl a part of severe losses that may arise. The CAT coverage application pays an indemnity after a fifty percent loss, but; simplest fifty percentage of the value of the loss is included.

Marketing Plan

This advertising plan will determine the marketing techniques of the small element-time deciduous ornamental nursery. The production plan for the nursery is to produce approximately – hundred trees consistent with year. The nursery plans to distribute excellent products to local landscapers and lawn centers. The nursery plans to locate within the Adams County vicinity of Pennsylvania and sell the products in the Adams and Cumberland County areas.

Mission Statement

The project of A. & B. Nursery is to produce and sell first-class deciduous ornamental trees at a competitive rate for distribution inside the nearby vicinity.

Since this commercial enterprise is owned and operated by way of a single individual, the celebration worried is aware the challenge declaration. The commercial enterprise is started to supplement the income of the proprietor, and to provide price range for retirement and the education of the owner’s children. The owner anticipates the enterprise will take four years to produce bushes for sale. This is because of the time anticipated to develop the trees to a marketable length. The proprietor plans to attention on producing three species of trees, determined with the aid of the clientele to be their maximum bought specie.

ObjectivesTo offer exceptional bushes at aggressive charges.To produce no greater than four species of bushes on the market.To limit manufacturing to 2 hundred bushes per yr.To provide regular satisfactory in the course of the existence of the commercial enterprise.To focus on producing marketable timber within 4 years.To maintain patron’s respect.To offer timber for customers that will meet their requirements.To provide trees to the customer with a view to meet their purchaser’s expectancies.To offer additional earnings for the owner.To supplement the retirement of the proprietor.Situation AnalysisInternal StrengthsThe owner has to be had land at the moment.The proprietor has most of the equipment had to proceed with the enterprise.The owner has enjoy developing fruit timber.The owner has a modern pesticide license.The enterprise calls for low enter charges.The proprietor has commercial enterprise enjoy.The owner can do the specified exertions to supply the timber.With selling wholesale, advertising expenses will be low.The proprietor has a truck with the intention to be used for shipping.The proprietor is currently hired by using Penn State University and has the instructional sources at his disposal.Continued growth of the brand new housing industry inside the goal vicinity.Internal WeaknessesThe owner has no enjoy generating ornamental trees.Wholesale income will not net as a great deal earnings as retail sales.The owner does now not have a nursery license.The proprietor will want to purchase some system.With customers preferring balled-and-burlaped trees, the proprietor will want to buy pinnacle soil to replace floor eliminated with the tree.The business will require time away from own family.External OpportunitiesThe proprietor has many connections to the nursery enterprise via his employment.The owner has a colleague who has indicated interest in purchasing the bushes.The owner can be a part of the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association for additional information.The proprietor has a colleague and buddy who changed into previously a landscaper and nurseryman.The commercial enterprise can sell to the retail market if it produces timber in the pot-in-pot growing device.Newly constructed hoses typically require merchandise for landscaping.External ThreatsOf the closing four developing seasons, there had beenyears of drought.The enterprise might also require irrigation to supply the trees, which will be a further fee.There are different providers in the vicinity.According to the survey, most landscapers and nurseries are satisfied with their modern-day providers.The enterprise is presently placed in a quarantine region for Prunus species of bushes.The marketplace might also turn out to be saturated with bushes.The converting goals of the customers may additionally cause the business to have unmarketable timber.Marketing Strategies

The commercial enterprise plans to remain small due to current employment commitments. The owner does no longer want to make the enterprise into the sole income supply of the circle of relatives. Because of this, the commercial enterprise plans to concentrate on a confined wide variety of species and no longer sell to the retail market. The retail marketplace will demand the owner to be accessible at all times.

The goal market for the business is landscapers and lawn centers within the Adams and Cumberland County place. Before deciding on species to plant, the proprietor plans to visit with several businesses in the goal region to decide the species they’re promoting. This will help remove the possibility of producing species as a way to be unmarketable whilst the bushes are to the specified length. The owner plans to go to those companies to marketplace the bushes. This exercise will do away with having to market it inside the conventional sense.

The population growth in Adams County has been constantly developing. Adams County is the fourth quickest growing County in Pennsylvania. The population for the two counties is over a hundred,000 human beings and developing. Adams County is growing by means of over sixteen% over the last ten years and Cumberland County has grown over nine% in the identical duration. This sustained boom requires the construction of recent houses.

New homes are historically being constructed on land that was formerly dedicated to agriculture. This land historically does no longer have colour trees current at the residences. Due to this, maximum newly constructed homes will need some form of landscaping. The deciduous trees the commercial enterprise plans to supply will supplement this need.

The goal markets are seeking locally produced timber to decrease shipping prices so that you can decrease their input expenses. The market is also seeking locally produced bushes to ensure survivability of the timber. Trees produced in the location have a higher survivability fee than imported trees. The enterprise will produce timber in the nearby area to assist on this call for.

The commercial enterprise is positioned inside thirty miles of the goal market. This will enable the goal marketplace to have higher accessibility to timber when they’re wanted. They might be capable of have bushes delivered to the process website, or administrative center or pick up on the business, insidedays. This will allow the marketplace to finish jobs faster and satisfy the consumer. With landscapers having to reserve bushes for outdoor the place, they’ll should wait numerous days or even weeks to complete the task for their customer.

The business desires to work with other small corporations and assist maintain their organizations. This may even assist maintain the neighborhood financial system. With the bulk of all proceeds ultimate in the nearby economic system, this should assist the other nearby corporations. The business plans to always marketplace to small nearby agencies. This will help make sure repeat commercial enterprise from clients.

The enterprise isn’t currently producing trees. The popularity of the enterprise isn’t always but established. The popularity of the owner as a truthful person has been installed within the network. In speakme with a ability patron, the client stated that he might purchase as many bushes from the proprietor as possible. This is contingent upon the business generating species of timber that this enterprise is presently selling. This business has to be had land to provide their own trees however does now not presently have the required time or hard work to achieve this.

Because of the time required to provide the bushes, the business can not exchange merchandise without problems. This will make changing merchandise difficult. This may even require the business to thoroughly studies the species to be produced. The commercial enterprise have to have the foresight to expect what species may be desired in 4 years. This will make it hard for the business to enlarge or settlement dramatically or fast.

The government influences to the enterprise are; requirement of a pesticide license to manipulate pests at the bushes, a license to operate a nursery, and the quarantine currently placed on Prunus species inside the owner’s location. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) locations those restrictions at the business. The proprietor has contacts at PDA who will help him through the system of acquiring a nursery license.

Marketing Mix

The commercial enterprise plans to establish an extended-term patron base and develop a near relationship with these customers. This will assist make sure the enterprise maintains in tune with industry traits. If the clients see traits closer to different species of bushes, they can alert the business of those tendencies. Pricing traits may be determined with the aid of non-stop research by using the commercial enterprise and tracking of input costs. The business plans to marketplace timber at competitive costs as long as a income can be set up at these expenses. If enter fees upward thrust, costs will need to upward push as a consequence.


The enterprise plans to marketplace; Red Maple, Flowering Dogwoods, Japanese Maple, and Callery Pear trees. According to the survey conducted for the Thesis challenge, these had been the pinnacle four species offered by the respondents of the survey. The commercial enterprise plans to marketplace two-inch diameter timber on the grounds that these are the most important supplier many of the respondents. The business will offer smaller timber at a lower rate if asked with the aid of a customer. The business plans to reap timber when they’re needed to make certain first-class and freshness.

Public Relations

Most nurseries guarantee the timber for one year; the enterprise plans to observe this practice. This practice will need to be monitored to decide if extra warranty is wanted. In addition, the plantings want to be monitored to determine if proper care for the tree turned into furnished. Continuous tracking of the customers will determine if first-class is of appropriate requirements and their clients are satisfied with the price of the trees. Customer provider and care will be an crucial enterprise coverage.


The commercial enterprise will provide shipping of the trees to the client or to the job-website if desired for landscapers. Garden facilities could have the equal alternatives of delivery or pickup. The business will rate a modest delivery rate of thirty-five cents according to mile underneath conditions that exist now. If fuel fees upward push dramatically, this figure can be adjusted. The enterprise assumes that most clients will pick up the bushes at the place of business.


Promotion of the commercial enterprise can be with the aid of direct touch with ability clients. This touch will begin before trees are began within the nursery so the business knows the marketplace desires earlier than getting into the enterprise. This promotional device will be the simplest and fee powerful for the business.


According to the respondents of the Thesis questionnaire, the majority of the timber garden centers and landscapers are purchasing range from $65.00 and up. Production prices are predicted to be about $45.00 consistent with tree over a 5-12 months length. This discern does now not consist of an irrigation device. If irrigation is mounted, the production expenses reduce to $42.00 according to tree due to beginning to market bushes at year 3 over the equal 5-12 months duration. This leaves as a minimum $20.00 in line with tree income for each marketable tree with out irrigation and a profit margin of $23.00 according to tree with irrigation. If the enterprise produces one hundred ninety trees per 12 months, the internet earnings for the five-12 months duration have to be $726.00 for the 5 12 months length without irrigation and approximately $2025.00 for the duration with irrigation. For a small part-time business, this can be a suitable level of income since the income stage will upward thrust from yr five on.

Implementation, Evaluation and Control

When the commercial enterprise is set up, if the customers require greater timber every year, the commercial enterprise may increase slightly. When the enterprise is extra comfortable with the manufacturing methods, enlargement might be less difficult. If the commercial enterprise expands beyond the initial consumer base, extra conventional advertising and marketing and promoting could be needed. The proprietor has now not previously been engaged in this business and plans to begin small till he will become proficient inside the business. The enterprise plans to begin in the spring of 2004. The owner does now not have the required time now to begin the enterprise.

Evaluation of the commercial enterprise might be customer based totally. If the clients are not happy with the satisfactory or service, the commercial enterprise will want to make adjustments to make sure persevered consumer loyalty. The commercial enterprise is aware of that it’s miles simpler to preserve clients than to set up new customers. When a customer isn’t happy, the enterprise needs to observe.

Financial PlanRecord Keeping Functions

Because A. & B. Nursery is purely owned and operated by using the author, the record keeping functions may be the responsibility of the proprietor. The proprietor will maintain facts of bills payable, money owed receivable, coins float, and different associated economic information wanted. For the primary 4 years, if irrigation isn’t used, there will be no receipts, just prices. Beginning the fourth year profits will be recorded and monetary analysis could be kept.

Other Operations Controls

An accountant will be used to supply profits tax reviews as wanted. The accountant will also carry out analysis as a check for the owner to make sure accuracy of data. This manner will expand a machine of “exams and balances” wished via the operation.

A qualified crop consultant will periodically scout the nursery for pests. This representative will then make any hints for pest remedy. The enterprise may even discuss with Penn State Extension regarding adjustments had to enhance the commercial enterprise.

Cash Flow AssumptionsThe owner will invest $3,000 in line with year of start-up capitalNo exertions can be billed to the commercial enterprise besides outside reduced in size hard work.Tree expense is calculated on a mean for the species planted and includes transport.A 5% mortality price is calculated while figuring out the quantity of trees offered.There isn’t any land rate associated with manufacturing expenses for the reason that land has no loan connected.The break-even analysis is accomplished for the five-yr length in preference to for one-year.The nursery will handiest require one acre of land at start-up.Insurance isn’t calculated because the contemporary policy covering the existing dwelling is good enough for the nursery.Separate budgets are developed for non-irrigated and irrigated techniques of manufacturing.The enterprise will need to purchase an auger for $1,400.00 for planting bushes.The enterprise will need to buy a small backpack sprayer for $107.00 for applying pesticides.The proprietor now owns a truck and trailer for delivering timber.The business will borrow $10,000.00 of start-up capital the primary yr.Interest is calculated a 6% and a 10 12 months reimbursement agenda.Cash Flow Projection for 5 years with out irrigationItemYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5TotalsLand Preparation$600.00$600.00Containers$480.00$640.00$640.00$640.00$640.00$3,040.00Potting media$725.00$971.50$four,614.00Pesticides:-Insecticides$14.50$29.00$forty three.50$fifty eight.00$seventy two.50$217.50-Herbicides$6.sixty six$13.32$19.ninety eight$26.sixty four$33.30$99.ninety-Mouse Control$7.50$15.00$22.50$30.00$37.50$112.50Trees$1,seven hundred.00$1,seven hundred.00$1,seven-hundred.00$1,seven-hundred.00$1,seven-hundred.00$eight,500.00Principal and interest$1,358.70$1,358.70$1,358.70$1,358.70$1,358.70$6,793.50Totals$4,896.36$23,977.40Income$12,350.00$12,350.00$24,seven hundred.00Net earnings$722.60Cash Flow Projection for five years with irrigationItemYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5TotalsLand Preparation$600.00$six hundred.00Containers$480.00$640.00$640.00$640.00$640.00$3,040.00Potting media$725.00$971.50$four,614.00Pesticides:-Insecticides$14.50$29.00$forty three.50$fifty eight.00$seventy two.50$217.50-Herbicides$6.66$13.32$19.98$26.sixty four$33.30$ninety nine.90-Mouse Control$7.50$15.00$22.50$30.00$37.50$112.50Trees$1,700.00$1,700.00$1,seven hundred.00$1,700.00$1,700.00$eight,500.00Irrigation:-Well and pump$5,000.00$five,000.00-Sand clear out$264.96$264.ninety six-Drip tape$sixteen.00$16.00-Emitters$350.00$350.00-Main traces$900.00$900.00-Misc. fittings$70.00$70.00-Operation of machine$890.00$890.00$890.00$890.00$890.00$4,450.00Principal and hobby$1,358.70$1,358.70$1,358.70$1,358.70$1,358.70$6,793.50Totals$12,358.70$5,617.fifty two$five,649.18$5,674.eighty four$five,703.50$35,028.36Income$12,350.00$12,350.00$12,350.00$37,050.00Net income$2,021.64Breakeven Price CalculationsNon-IrrigatedBreakeven PriceTotal charges$23,973.ninety$sixty six.59per treeVolume360IrrigatedBreakeven PriceTotal expenses$35,024.86$sixty one.45per treeVolume570

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