Enterprise Continuity Plan

A enterprise continuity plan documents the steps you need to take after an emergency to get your business up and walking as quickly as viable. The faster you may try this, the faster you can get cash flowing lower back into the commercial enterprise to fund wages and different overheads.

Refer to your hazard control plan to discover what is vital to preserve your business walking and supplying its primary services. This will provide you with a robust indication of what you need to awareness directly to get your commercial enterprise operational again. If you do not have a chance management plan, spend time reviewing the dealing with risk segment.

Using the Business continuity plan – template (PDF 23.52 KB), work via the subsequent steps:

Step 1: What to do

Identify what movements are required to get your enterprise operational again. According to the e-book, Good Security, Good Business, organized by way of the Commonwealth Government (2008), those may be:

repair or update damaged system and infrastructurerelocate the commercial enterprise to an exchange area, or pick out new websites to behavior traveller sportsbriefly contract operationsmulti-talent body of workersupload laptop systems with subsidized up factsorganise various offerings for body of workers, inclusive of counselling and taking break dayspeak with personnel, customers and suppliers.

Step 2: Work out who’s answerable for each motion

For each motion you have identified, decide who in your commercial enterprise will be accountable for carrying out the undertaking.

Step 3: Decide what other assets are needed

Spend time to consider what other options you have got available. Organising your responses now will assist you act speedy in an emergency.

This would possibly involve:

Developing relationships with a couple of enterprise or supplier, in order that if one is laid low with an incident your enterprise can keep as traditionalHaving backup methods in vicinity for key enterprise documents and statistics. Consider preserving copies of invoices, patron records, bank account info and coverage guidelines which are crucial on your commercial enterpriseLocating important statistics, consisting of indexed above, at a 2d site updating it regularlyPlanning for disruptions to strength, fuel, water, sewerage and telecommunications structures. Are backup systems available? Are there options that can be used?Preparing for broken machinery, broken equipment and computer structures. Know who can fix them and feature their touch information at hand.Thinking about having some other site you may function your enterprise from.Step 4: When to action each reaction

In relation to the dangers you’ve got identified, consider whilst you will adopt each reaction in an emergency.

Step 5: Prioritise

Give every action a concern. Is it a high priority, a medium, or low priority. Categorising your actions will assist prioritise your response in an emergency state of affairs.

Handy gearRisk management plan – template (PDF 15.04 KB)

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