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This presentation describes the shape of a marketing strategy and the contents to put in every segment.

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1.Business Plan for VC Funding

  • Provides clarity of thou…”>2.Purpose of a Business Plan
    • Provides readability of idea and motive
    • Introduces Business Model
    • Introduces the organisation and the crew
    • Attempts to persuade traders
    • Highlights dangers and demanding situations
    • Serves as an entry factor for further discussions
  • VC companies see many plans
  • 3.Target Group – VC

    • VC firms see many plans
    • Usually smart and informed
    • Referrals – very critical
    • VC’s objective to evaluate quantum, kind, and manageability of dangers
    • Hence, marketing strategy is an important record although not the “be-all, stop-all”
  • Explain enterprise version in si…”>four.Key elements of a plan
    • Explain business model in easy terms
    • Fit the plan to the organization
    • Be credible and informative
    • Do your homework; Know your marketplace and competition
    • Highlight Risks and steps to conquer the dangers
    • Execution Risk as important as marketplace or technology hazard
  • Executive Summary
  • …”>five.Business Plan Contents

    • Executive Summary
    • Company Description
    • Product/Service
    • Market Analysis
    • Marketing Plan
    • Operations Plan
    • Financial Plan
    • Management Team
    • Exit Strategy
    • Risks
  • The maximum important phase of the…”>6.Executive Summary
    • The maximum critical section of the plan, often the handiest study section!
    • Compact model of the huge plan
    • Stick to hard statistics; no room for exaggerated optimism
    • Limit to a concise summary; no greater than a couple of pages
    • Summary is the prelude to similarly conferences
  • Summary ought to answer questio…”>7.Executive Summary (2)
    • Summary have to solution questions:
      • What type of company is it?
      • What’s the product/service and what’s special?
      • Who are the managers?
      • How much cash do you need? In what ranges? What will it be used for?
  • A brief history of the comp…”>8.The Company Description
    • A short records of the organisation
    • How you commenced? What become the original concept?
    • Share your errors and what you learnt; provides credibility
    • Share financials; actual vs. deliberate; if applicable
    • Should lead up to the discussion as to wherein you plan to head from right here
  • What is your price proposition? 9.Product/Service
    • What is your value proposition?
    • How are you going to resolve their trouble higher than your competitor? Than what they may be doing now?
    • Any patent safety viable?
    • Technology information: defensible? Unique? Sustainable competitiveness?
    • Time to marketplace? Ability to execute?
    • What prevents someone else from doing it more affordably?
  • Who is your goal market?
  • 10.Market Analysis

    • Who is your target marketplace?
    • Profile of the human beings? What is their behavior sample?
    • Any complementary products or services?
    • How massive is your marketplace? Growth charges?
    • What are the traits in the marketplace?
    • How do you see the market evolving?
  • Detailed notice on how you may conver…”>eleven.Marketing Plan
    • Detailed be aware on how you’ll convert massive marketplace into sales
    • Provide one of a kind advertising approaches – most inexpensive to maximum luxurious
    • Costs and approach of acquiring customers
    • Sales and Marketing techniques
    • Respect your competitors
    • Risks and Unknowns
    • Strategies for lowering risks
  • The nuts and bolts – how are you going to m…”>12.Operations Plan
    • The nuts and bolts – how will you are making it? How will it’s to be had to your clients?
    • What’s involved in running the business enterprise?
    • Location, device needs
    • Labor requirements
    • Risks at extraordinary ranges and the way pleasant to mitigate risks
  • Provide CVs of the important thing participants 13.Management Team
    • Provide CVs of the key individuals
    • Relevance of past revel in
    • Start-up experience
    • Market advent experience
    • Team dynamics – very important when multiple founder
    • Clarity of roles
  • Detailed numbers not the key
  • 14.Financial Plan

    • Detailed numbers no longer the important thing
    • Assumptions very essential
    • Key drivers of revenue
    • Realistic projections
    • Exercise prudence
    • Benchmark your version
    • Revenue estimate: bottoms-up
    • Expenses – beyond and/or enterprise common
  • Capital – internet time delivery
  • …”>15.Funding

    • Capital – net time transport
    • Brand building
    • Scaling the enterprise
    • Funding based on 18 – 24 months projections? Till patron traction?
    • Choose investment companion with care – it’s a wedding!
  • Exit method for the investor; now not n…”>16.Exit Strategy
    • Exit strategy for the investor; no longer necessarily the entrepreneur
    • Exit may be merger, acquisition, or IPO
    • Each approach should be doable and defensible
  • Early degree making an investment: Only in …”>17.Venture Funds Today
    • Early stage making an investment: Only in Technology Product businesses with strong background of entrepreneurs
    • Mid-Late stage investing: More the norm, also extra commonplace for provider groups
    • Many Indo-US agencies getting funded; even by way of Indian VCs

    This presentation describes the shape of a marketing strategy and the contents to install each segment.

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