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Business continuity templates may be utilized in any enterprise for IT catastrophe recuperation, continuity of consumer-dealing with operations, and backup of shipping & logistics operations.

This article will in brief speak: 

7 elements of commercial enterprise continuity making plans;

the 4 key additives of a BCP template;

the significance of appearing normal audits on your BCP;

software gear to assist streamline BCP document maintaining; and

loose BCP templates you could down load and customize in your commercial enterprise.

7 Elements of Business Continuity Planning

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the economic system took a big hit. The need for a business continuity plan have become more obvious to companies. Business continuity making plans enables businesses, small or large, to construct a more resilient operation.

Business Continuity Planning involves the following 7 factors:

BCP Team

In the midst of a disaster or emergency, having a crew or point man or woman to visit will be essential. The BCP crew may be accountable for planning and checking out commercial enterprise continuity techniques. Background of every member within the BCP crew can range from employer managers or supervisors to professionals.

Business Impact Analysis

A commercial enterprise impact analysis (BIA) identifies, quantifies, and qualifies the impact of a loss, interruption, or disruption. Having a BIA might be vital in coming across dangers that your enterprise is exposed to and the capacity disruptions which could occur.

Risk Mitigation

This element relates to the techniques against the dangers that were located at some stage in the BIA. Risk mitigation techniques can also encompass placing up safety and protection systems within the administrative center, undertaking preventive renovation of cars, machines, system, or any asset vital to operations, and schooling of personnel, among others.

Business Continuity Strategies

A right business continuity plan should establish strategies or trade practices to hold the commercial enterprise jogging despite disruptions or screw ups. An instance of a continuity strategy that a whole lot of businesses needed to put into effect at some stage in the pandemic changed into remote working or paintings-from-home. This enabled companies to maintain their operations and maintain their personnel safe from contracting COVID-19 within the place of business.

Business Continuity Plan

The commercial enterprise continuity plan is a aggregate of findings from the done BIA and the restoration techniques established via the enterprise. A BCP plan usually consists of 4 key components: scope & targets, operations at threat, recovery strategy, and roles and obligations.


All applicable personnel related to the business continuity, disaster recuperation, and incident reaction process have to be trained consistent with the BCP plan that’s hooked up and agreed upon.


In the testing section, strategies and plans are being rehearsed or exercised to demonstrate its effectiveness. Testing the plan before rolling it out will enable the BCP group to find out capability flaws and attach them earlier than they cause harm or injury. It is recommended to study and check the plan periodically to ensure that each one protocols and strategies are updated.

What must be blanketed in a BCP – Business Continuity Plan?

BCP serves as a manual for groups on creating an effective strategy for responding to capability commercial enterprise-disrupting occasions. Here are four key additives of a BCP:

Scope & Objectives

States the purpose of the BCP, along with unique business functions that should be prioritized for healing at some point of an emergency. This section ought to consist of examples of emergency occasions that would trigger the response of this BCP.


This BCP is to make sure the continuity of IT offerings and client strains in the occasion of an unexpected and extended energy shutdown. Power disruption will be caused by emergency climate situations or a building fire. Functional regions that are prioritized for restoration on this BCP consist of the customer support table and finance team.

Operations at Risk

Includes viable dangers with key operational functions which might greatly disrupt enterprise and consumer continuity. This also involves the value of chance to each function, in order to help the BCP committee decide on suitable preventive actions.


Operation: Customer Support

Operation Description: Customer aid crew searching after 24-hour worldwide operations of stay chat and purchaser requires US, EMEA and APAC regions

Business Impact: Critical

Impact description: one hundred% of stay chats undergo the customer support crew in Manila. 20% of live calls are routed to Manila office. A disruption might suggest no greater live chat support and customers experiencing giant wait instances on calls Project timeline and team schedules

Recovery Strategy

Outlines all of the relevant strategies to restore business operations after an incident or crisis. A desirable recovery strategy consists of a sensible restoration timeline and critical emergency resources.


IT personnel and BCP committees should perform trade backup packages and servers to assist save consumer requests after power outage. Customer support need to be capable of receive the requests and reply to clients within half-hour. IT Director have to perform change server rooms in Area B if the power outage final greater than an hour to prevent big revenue loss.

Roles & Responsibilities

Refers to key personnel and their assigned duties for the duration of or after an incident. Each committee member has a unique set of obligations to efficiently perform the BCP for every business feature.


Representative: Jon Sims

Role: Head of Operations

Contact Details:

Description of Responsibilities:

1. Must ensure BCPs are up to date and have to coordinate with team leaders regarding modifications

2. Helps notify key stakeholders in EMEA place of threats in Customer Support applications & tools

Importance of Conducting Regular BCP Audits

Outdated BCPs would possibly result in lack of consumer accept as true with, large revenue loss, and harm to emblem and employer recognition. This is why it’s far crucial for BCPs to remain updated.

Regular BCP audits are essential to assist compare emergency processes and perceive if there are vulnerabilities. They also help realign emergency procedures to business goals and enterprise practices. Up-to-date and efficient BCPs assist agencies efficaciously control any unexpected event, prevent more fees, and continuously develop their ordinary processes and key capabilities. Using a commercial enterprise continuity plan tick list can resource enterprise continuity managers and IT groups to ensure complete BCP audit reviews.

How do you write a enterprise continuity plan with iAuditor?

iAuditor via SafetyCulture, the world’s leading virtual form cellular software program, can help corporations create and put together an awesome commercial enterprise continuity plan extra correctly. Paper-based totally business continuity plan templates can be tough for control to preserve and frequently replace. With iAuditor, companies can switch to a paperless planning process in which you could create your own templates, without problems check the accuracy of restoration procedures, and replace your plans as needed in your cell tool. With iAuditor, you can:

Create and customise enterprise continuity plans using your computer, iPad, or maybe to your mobile smartphone

Easily assign duties to key employees and BCP committee participants

Use speech to textual content dictation to easily whole audits

Gather photographic evidence for your BCP drills

Record digital signatures as required

Send and share an up to date business continuity plan report in your group in some taps. See pattern enterprise continuity plan PDF record here.

Automatically store your BCPs within the cloud

To assist you get commenced to your paperless planning, we’ve created the business continuity templates and checklists you can down load and personalize at no cost.

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